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Rattlesnake Selling and Sales for sale selling Cage

Rattlesnake Cage


Rattlesnake Cage


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This is the record that Steve Dawson's growing number of fans have been waiting for. Rattlesnake Cage finally gives them the opportunity to hear Steve interact with his guitar in a way that has never been captured on record before. These new simple and unadorned recordings hearken back to the American Primitive sound that John Fahey and other artists such as Peter Lang and Leo Kottke recorded on Fahey's iconic Takoma record label in the sixties - instrumental music informed by the deep traditions of blues, ragtime, jazz, and even Hawaiian music, but taking those influences in unexpected directions. Also available on CD.


Dawson's fingers seem the picking equivalent of Fred Astaire's feet, knowing when a rollicking riff is called for, and knowing when to just let things glide. --Parcbench.com

Rattlesnake Cage